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We must combat big money in politics by volunteering, registering voters, knocking on doors, getting others to vote for politicians who listen and vote in the best interest of constituents. KEEP them accountable to the WE the People.

​Our democracy is hard work ! We must truly care for it, understand it, and we must own our democracy. We must get involved, be informed, build alliances, engage in the process, know how those we vote for vote, keep them accountable, and vote them out when need it.  Representation is key, so lets continue to work on electing those willing to fight for equity for ALL.   SI SE PUEDE!

 ~ Mari Corugedo, Lulac Florida State Director 

     Join Us in Our Journey! 

  • Education

  • Voting Rights
  • Leadership
  • Military Families and Veterans
  • Immigration
  • Climate Change and Environmental Issues
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Health Care
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Women's Rights
  • Retirement Security​
  • Civic Engagement
  • Public Service
  • Scholarships 
  • ​Resolutions 

Users will gain access to important civil rights information on immigration, civic engagement, and economic empowerment issues from their mobile device or tablet. In addition, users will be able to register to vote, access budgeting information and fraud protection resources, learn how to enroll in health insurance, and locate local immigration services via the app’s ‘Find Help’ feature. 

Oportunidad is available for IOS and Android devices and is fully compatible for mobile devices and tablets. 

​​​​​​Why Become A Member?

[LULAC 1929]
For Generations, our members have proudly served the Hispanic community since its founding in 1929. Click on the picture to read more about the LULAC History

Eighty seven years ago, a group of Latino leaders formed the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) to defend the rights and advance the well being of Hispanic Americans. Today LULAC is the largest and most active membership organization serving the Latino community.

LULAC members are the driving force behind significant advancements and improvements to the quality of life for Hispanics across the country Since LULAC's founding, our members have not wavered in their determination to end discrimination and injustice for Hispanics living in the United States. LULAC has developed national and community-based programs to address the needs of the Hispanic community and to ensure that this nation's workforce obtains the necessary education and skills to keep America productive.

As a LULAC member, you will be part of an organization whose members are making a difference through volunteer programs addressing the needs of the Latino community. You will also be part of a nationwide network of community activists who are protecting our civil rights in the areas of immigration, social services, education, and economic opportunity at the local, state, and national levels.

Today, our membership extends into every state in the Union and Puerto Rico with over 1000 councils nationwide. Through our Youth, Young Adult and Adult councils, LULAC offers membership opportunities for all age groups. LULAC also reflects a broad cross-section of Hispanic Americans including Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Central and South Americans. We need your help to continue our legacy of improving the quality of life for all Latinos.

A Powerful Advocate

LULAC is second to none as the leading advocate for issues affecting Hispanic Americans. We have fought numerous injustices over the years and will continue to do so with the help of people like you.

Advocacy-​ As your government liaison in Washington, we monitor legislation and provide policy makers with the Latino perspective on immigration, affirmative action, business, education, and other issues impacting our community.

Education- LULAC has increased educational opportunities for thousands of deserving young Hispanic students throughout the country. We operate one of the largest Hispanic scholarship programs in the nation and provide academic enrichment programs to elementary, middle, and high school students.

Political Participation- Our members sponsor voter registration drives and citizenship education programs. We have successfully implemented letter writing and lobbying efforts on behalf of key Hispanic issues to legislators at all levels of government.

Service-​ LULAC members are engaged in a variety of community service projects that achieve progress through a positive approach. From job training to health fairs and from mentoring to business initiatives, LULAC members make a difference by taking charge and getting things done.

Starting A Council

A LULAC Council is an affiliated unit of the League of United Latin American Citizens that is comprised of volunteer members who work within a community.

Contact us at fllulac@gmail.com to become a member. 

Our Priorities

Federal regulations threaten civil rightsA new regulation (34 C.F.R. §299.19 (c) (3)) would eliminate the use of state content assessment results and other evidence of actual classroom performance in English Learner (EL) program exit decisions, violate the rights of thousands of Hispanic, Chinese, Haitian, and other language minority parents to have meaningful input into the education of their children, silence the voice of teachers into program exit decisions, and disrupt the rules and procedures in place in most of the nation’s schools and districts and in all of Florida’s. These changes would result in harm to ELs since premature termination of language and academic support would increase their risk of school failure and negatively impact their life chances.