"All for One -One for All"

LULAC being the largest Hispanic civil rights advocacy group in the United States takes pride in improving opportunities for all Hispanics in the state of Florida and in all our nation.

The beauty of our democracy is that it could get sticky at times, but it always wins out when we listen, respect, value each other as individuals, and when we are all engaged in the process.  Our vote is our voice so vote like never before. Vote and take others to vote with you, volunteer to get good candidates elected, and stay engage to see it through.  Let's mobilize and let's get to the polls to cast our vote for candidates who will advance our goals and opportunities on immigration, education, health care, social security, adequate wages, jobs, climate change, debt free higher education, equality, and the many issues that advance opportunity to our Hispanic communities.

As your LULAC Florida director, I will continue to advocate on our values, priorities, and principles that make us stronger while creating opportunities here in Florida and throughout our nation, but we have got to vote.

Our vote is our voice, vote!

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Mari Corugedo 

 LULAC        Florida