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                  ​2018 LULAC FL State Convention Miami, FL 
​                                                                                           June 15-17th, 2018
​​​​​   2018 Convention Sponsors

9090 S. Dadeland Boulevard   Miami  Florida  33156  

Empowering Communities Through Equity and Opportunity Roundtable Panelists

Florida Senator Annette Taddeo

Awards Gala Keynote Speaker 

Former Mayor Philip Levine 

​Education Luncheon Keynote Speaker

League of United Latin American Citizens(LULAC)
Mari Corugedo, Florida State Director

Carolyn Nelson-Goedert, Co-Chair

Florida Council of Churches
The Rev. Dr. Russell, L. Meyer, Executive Director

U.S. Census Bureau
Juanita Alvarez Mainster, Partnership Specialist Florida

National Education Association(NEA)
Christine DonFrancesco

Senior Policy Analyst Education Policy & Practice Department
National Education Association

Miami-Dade PTA
Dr. Nancy Lawther, President

Florida Association of Bilingual Education Supervisors(FABES)
Debra Estes, President

ASPIRA of Florida
Miream Sierra, President and CEO

Alejandra Rondon, Organizer, Civic Engagement

League of Women’s Voters, Miami-Dade
Marisol Zenteno, President-Elect

Sant La, Haitian Neighborhood Center, Inc.
Ms. Gepsie M. Metellus, Executive Director

Southern Poverty Law Center
Scott D. McCoy | Senior Policy Counsel

Hispanic Federation 
Betsy Franceschini, Senior State Director Programs and Policy
Florida and Southeast  

Broward County Public Schools
ESOL Leadership Council  (PLC)- Member
Yvette Fournier Fernandez, JD

Miami-Dade TESOL/Bilingual Education Association 
Ryan Pointier, PhD President Miami-Dade TESOL/Bilingual Education Association 

​Black Affairs Advisory Board (BAAB)
Dannie McMillon, Education Chair, Miami-Dade County Office of the Chair

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 
Dr. Freddie Young, Education/School Pipeline Committee Miami-Dade

​National Conference of Puerto Rican Women(NACOPRW) ​
Dr. Nydia Cabrera, President, Florida Chapter

United Faculty of Miami-Dade College
Dr. ​A​na Ciereszko ​, Legislative Director

Michelle Ploetz, Second Vice President,  SSTESOL

​ACLU​ of FL 
Raymer Maguire 

Monica Espitia, South Florida Community Organizer

Black Women Roundtable of Osceola County
​Sharon Madison, Co-Chair 

Inclusive Planet 4 ALL, LLC
Jose E. Hernandez, Ed.D., LMHC, Independent Consultant and Manager

​Miami-Dade County Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board
Miami-Dade County Office of the Chair
Natalie Milian, Program Director

Spanish American League Against Discrimination(SALAD)
Juan D’Arce, M.S.ED, Executive Director

Southern Poverty Law Center     
Zoe Savitsky, SPLC Deputy Legal Director

NALEO Educational Fund
Jackie Colon,  Florida Director

Equity Assistance Center-South,
David Hinojosa, Director of EAC-South/IDRA​

Special LULAC Florida Guest

Rep. Javier Fernandez

Empowering Communities Through Equity and Opportunity